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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Kelly Music Research?
Kelly Music Research helps Radio do a better job of satisfying listeners like you. Since 1991, Kelly Music Research has been helping radio stations understand how listeners feel about the music they play. We conduct telephone, mail and Internet surveys with radio listeners and report the findings back to Radio. Your participation in the My Radio Songs Music Survey gives you a direct line to the people who decide what to play, and what not to play. For more information please visit: Kelly Music Research

What is the My Radio Songs Music Survey?
The My Radio Songs Music Survey is a new, convenient way for radio stations to hear from listeners like you. Radio stations want to play music that you like, and avoid music you don’t like, or are tired of hearing. The My Radio Songs Music Survey makes it easy for you to let your favorite radio stations know what to play and not to play. The My Radio Songs Music Survey only takes a couple of minutes and can be completed when it’s convenient for you – at home, work, or anywhere you have Internet access.

Why do radio stations want my opinion?
Radio stations want you to tune in, and stay tuned in! It’s very important for radio stations to know what keeps the audience listening, and why listeners may tune away. The My Radio Songs Music Survey is your opportunity to be heard by Radio and make a change for the better!

Who will see my personal information?
Your identity is safe with us. Kelly Music Research is a consumer research firm. As a research company, we are prohibited from any kind of selling – either on the phone or over the Internet. We also may not share your telephone number or e-mail address with anyone involved in tele-marketing or e-mail marketing. We will only provide your compiled opinions about music, not your identity, to radio stations. In exchange, we only ask that you be perfectly honest with us about the music.

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